Depaul UK

Depaul UK

Founded 25 years ago, Depaul UK is the nationwide charity for youth homelessness, working to tackle the immediate and long term effects of homelessness and provide safe and stable futures for young people who are left behind by society and are severely disadvantaged.

80,000 young people face homelessness each year and rising numbers sleep in unsafe areas facing the risks of exploitation and harm. Depaul UK believes that no young person should sleep in an unsafe place and that every young homeless person should have the opportunity to achieve their potential.

The charity aims to:

  • Protect young people who become homeless by safe accomodation
  • Prevent young people who becoming homeless by rebuilding family relationships
  • Enable young people to progress beyond homelessness through education, training and jobs
  • Continue to innovate and take risks consistent with their ethos and values

Depaul UK's Houses, volunteer hosts and mentors work tirelessly to meet these ambitions. Through the support of players of People's Postcode Lottery, the charity is able extend its reach to even more young people by increasing the number of volunteering programmes on offer.

Services Depaul UK offer include emergency accommodation through the Nightstop network of volunteer hosts, supported accommodation in Depaul Houses staffed by teams specialising in caring for vulnerable young people with multiple complex needs, floating support in young people's own accommodation, an ambitious Learning & Work Service, family mediation programmes, mentoring programmes and accommodation for young offenders on release.

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